handscupe® paresis

For paresis of the hand

Tingling, burning, paraesthesias, muscle weakness or numbness in the arms and hands – paresis occurs when nerves have been damaged temporarily or permanently. Neurological impairments often result from injuries in the area of the head or spinal cord due to stroke, disc herniation, tumours, following an accident, or as a result of autoimmune diseases with neurological manifestations e.g. in multiple sclerosis or infantile cerebral palsy.

Affected persons cannot perceive touch, cold and heat, or pain, or only experience such sensations to a very limited extent.

Paretic symptoms significantly restrict everyday activities. And eventually, it is not only the patient’s performance that suffers – at the same time, the quality of life is affected in the long term.

Bei Parese der Hand - handscupe® paresis

handscupe® paresis supports therapy

Paresis therapy depends on the root cause and should begin as early as possible. When accompanying the treatment of the underlying disease, physiotherapy and physical therapy often achieve alleviation, increase mobility, and have a pain-reducing effect.

The use of handscupe® paresis can specifically support the treatment of paretic hand symptoms such as spasms, contractures or flaccid paralysis – also in combination with physiotherapy.

When used regularly, handscupe® paresis can help patients to train hand and finger muscles. In this way, users promote mobility and blood circulation in the hand and arm, which contributes to pain relief. Patients can cope with their daily lives more independently again. When used regularly, handscupe® paresis can sustainably counteract pain, discomfort (paraesthesias) and fluid retention/congestion.

For a better sleep at night

With its positive effect on contractures, spasms, and pain, handscupe® paresis can help that patients sleep better again. A restful night’s sleep is an important source of power for patients to master the daily routine with all its challenges on a daily basis.

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