handscupe® rheumatism

For rheumatism of the hand

The hands are our most important tools: As soon as they stop functioning properly, we can no longer manage our everyday lives in the usual way. The certainty of being able to do things independently at any time drains away. The whole life changes – optimism and joy of life are suffering.

Often, most rheumatism patients are affected by changes in the hands and fingers already in the early stages of the disease: Joint pain and swelling, limited mobility, and lack of strength are commonly observed. In patients with rheumatism of the hand, the function of the fingers is severely impaired. Pain and the concomitant experience of being increasingly dependent on outside help create a high level of suffering.

Bei Rheuma der Hand - handscupe® rheumatism

handscupe® rheumatism supports the treatment course

We have developed handscupe® rheumatism in order to support the treatment of rheumatic diseases of the hand and finger joints. Its use can positively influence the treatment course for rheumatism of the hand:

The use of handscupe® rheumatism can specifically support and improve the treatment of rheumatic symptoms, such as pain and limited mobility.

handscupe® rheumatism helps rheumatism patients to cope with everyday life more independently again. When used regularly, handscupe® rheumatism can counteract pain, discomfort (paraesthesias) and fluid retention/congestion.

For a better sleep at night

Many patients report an improved night’s rest when regularly using handscupe® rheumatism. Restful sleep is an important prerequisite, especially for rheumatism patients, to recharge strength and energy and to be prepared for coping with the disease during the day.

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